I am currently not accepting new clients.

Hello! I’m Lindsey. I’m a Licensed and Board Certified Professional Counselor.

I admire your courage in taking the first step- searching for help. Wherever you may find yourself today, know that it would be an honor to walk alongside you on your counseling journey. I look forward to connecting with you!

The majority of my clientele consists of: College students, young adults, women of all ages, and pre-marital couples.

I offer traditional, face-to-face counseling at my office in Murfreesboro, TN and online (video) counseling for clients who reside anywhere in the state of TN.

I use an integrative and collaborative treatment approach to assist my clients in reaching their unique counseling goals. I’m passionate about creating a safe and supportive space for my clients to find renewed hope and clarity in.

•Integrative: I pull from various counseling models depending on you and your needs.

•Collaborative: Let’s work together to get you to where you’d like to be.